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The SVWOC Forum is moving.....

The SVWOC forum will be moving from Runboard to a self hosted forum.

There are a number of reasons for this move.

The user environment will be alot more user friendly and streamlined than the current set up and gives us a more professional image. We will have more control over what happens in our forum, we won't see anymore little advert images, a few people have complained about these, we can back up the forum at more convenient times, I'm sure alot of you have tried to log in and the forum has been 'down' for back up, and we have more options when posting and if the need ever arises again we can migrate our whole forum to another system.

Which brings me swiftly onto my next point. as we have been using a free remotely hosted forum we are unable to take a copy of our current forum and transfer it to the new system so there will be a little 'rough' patch during the transition. By this I mean that every user will have to re-register their username with the new system in order to use it, and if there are any threads/posts that you wish to have open on the new system either copy them under your new user names or let me know and I will bring them accross. Unfortunately this all has to be done manually due to the nature of the old system.

Lastly not all will be lost from the old system, I will try and archive it so it can still be viewed.

The new forum address is

The link on the website will remain in place for a couple of days before it is changed to point to the new forum.
Final posting in the old system will stop on October 31st 2009.

If anyone needs any help registering or finds any problems with the new system please feel free to email me

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